Arnold Schwarzenegger, from Terminator to Species Saving Activist

Arnold Schwarzenegger is increasingly removed from that actor whose rough appearance and talent to develop made him the perfect subject for action films in the 80s. It has nothing to do with Conan, the military of Command or the cyborg of Terminator, whose mission was to prevent the human being born who would lead the resistance against the machines. On the contrary, the real Arnold Schwarzenegger is a prominent activist in defense of the human species, particularly in relation to climate change and sustainability, a battle that began in his term as governor of the state of California. In addition, he has no qualms about disqualifying covid deniers, who in the US are legion.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about sustainability during the Digital X Conference in Cologne.


A couple of days ago, Schwarzenegger attended the Digital X congress, held in Cologne (Germany), where he gave a 25-minute lecture about sustainability and what led him to defend the environment. And last July, he spoke at the opening of the World Summit in Austria, his country of origin and of which he is co-founder, to try to make sense of the tidal wave of alarming news about climate change, a new vein of newscasts, but whose sensationalist approach does not help at all to slow down, at least, what seems inevitable:

“The public interest is wearing thin on dystopian warnings. The avalanche of news about storms, floods and burning forests confuses people and generates a constant alarm that is unsustainable. In my opinion, we must point in a specific direction: pollution. If humans create it, humans can defeat it. “

To understand the scope of this crusade, just take a look at the web Schwarzenegger Climate Iniciative, where its trajectory is explained. Already in the distant 2006 and being governor by the Republican party – in many respects, more to the right than our PP -, he directed the approval of a historic bill: the California Global Warming Solutions Act sought to reduce expected emissions by 2020 at 1990 levels. His are also the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and the Million Solar Roofs Initiative, for harnessing solar energy.

At the end of this stage, in 2011, it continued promoting clean energy trying to involve the different administrations from the Schwarzenegger Institute at the University of Southern California.

The former governor with the young Swede, during a joint interview.

The former governor with the young Swede, during a joint interview.


Today, Arnold aligns himself with none other than the leader of the United Left, Minister Alberto Garzón, on meat consumption. In a video that has gone viral, he encourages people to hold back: “I’m not telling you not to eat meat, because then you would never be able to eat a schnitzel again. [un plato típico de Austria]. That’s impossible! But we can eat less. Maybe we can stop eating meat two days a week, “he explains very didactic.

At 74 years old and with a determined life, he is not afraid of anything. Certainly not to put the deniers in their place, who are legion in the US. This he told them in a recent interview: “People should know that there is a virus here. It kills people and the only way to prevent it is by vaccinating us, putting on masks, doing social distancing, washing our hands all the time and not just thinking: Well, my freedom is being disturbed here. No, to hell with your freedom, because with freedom comes with obligations and responsibilities. We can’t just say: I have the right to do X, Y and Z. When it infects other people, that’s when it gets serious. “

And in a later video, he included a very important nuance given in the country in which he lives: “These are people who shout FREEDOM in their American flag hats without taking the time to study the history of our nation and how freedom and duty They have ALWAYS gone hand in hand. They think being an American means not caring about your fellow citizens and I’m sorry, I can’t accept that. “

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