Army drama: Sponsor abandons CSKA, but the goal is the title now

One of the main shareholders in CSKA Julian Indjov has not given money to the club for more than half a year.

He still holds 33% of the property of the “reds”, but for more than half a year he has not participated with his own funds in the financing.

But this does not stop CSKA, because a very lucrative contract was signed with WINBET. The gambling company pours twice as much as it paid a year ago, Blitz writes.

The other major shareholder, Grisha Ganchev, has insisted that Bulgaria’s championship be attacked this season. To that end, he has said that he will not part with any of the main players during the winter break, when the January transfer window will open.

An exception can only be made with Jordi Caicedo. And with a good offer – at least 4.5 million euros. CSKA has even now started securing – two very good strikers from the Brazilian and Argentine championships. And if the Ecuadorian is transferred, one of them will wear the red shirt.

Ganchev will start negotiations within days with all the players whose contracts expire in the summer with the idea of ​​re-signing. The main plus for the players will be the championship bonuses, which the boss of CSKA has already increased.




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