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To keep an eye on your front door non-stop, you used to have to be an old lady with one of those rear-view mirrors on the wall, peeking from behind a row of geraniums.

Now you can be too with this security set from Arlo, but from the comfort of your couch. Geraniums optional.

App users click here for the video.

Eye on the sail

Better yet: wireless eye in sail. Because the video doorbell works on batteries, which makes installation a breeze. Thanks to the square image with a resolution of 1536×1536, you see more than standard rectangular cameras. The doorbell is equipped with a motion sensor, 12x digital zoom, a siren, and night vision. You receive notifications on your phone, and on that same phone you can immediately speak to the person at the door with the two-way audio!

Ding dong

Phone not nearby? Thanks to the Chime 2 you don’t miss anything and nobody. If the doorbell rings, or if the video doorbell or camera detects movement or sound, you will receive a signal from your Chime 2. Installation is a matter of plugging in a socket and connecting it to your WiFi network: no hassle with wires!

Eye in the sail²

Why one eye when you can really have two? In this set you also receive the Arlo Essential Spotlight security camera. Like the rest, this one is also 100% wireless: the battery lasts 6 months. Watch live on your smartphone when motion is detected, or ask them what to do. Video is recorded in 1080p and thanks to the 130° viewing angle, there’s little you’ll miss.

Is it dark? No problem. In addition to the night vision, there is also an integrated spotlight, so even more details and an extra reason not to break into your home. Curious what it looks like? LifeHackster has figured it out, and you can here see.

All this beauty simply works without a base station and you receive a free trial period of the Arlo service plan for even more options with your purchase for 3 months!

Turn your home into a fortress and get this set today!


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