Arknights TV Animation [PRELUDE TO DAWN] Official Trailer 4

Arknights TV Animation [PRELUDE TO DAWN] Official Trailer 4

Arknights TV Animation [PRELUDE TO DAWN] Official Trailer 4 “Welcome Back Doctor.” ▽PUBLISHING INFORMATION Arknights…


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  1. Ok, after watching the first episode. I am so relieved and hyped. It did not suck, which is the most important part. They really threw out a lot of mystery, especially for people who didnt play the game. The animation is on point, the VAs are on point, the story (we know the story is dope). I think this could be a banger. They need to really focus on the world building, as in my opinion thats one of the greatest parts of the story. Also im still missing some of the banger OSTs. But otherwise, gj to yostar and hypergryph.

  2. I was watching this trailer while do my job, and everything seems fine even if i miss some detail, but suddenly 0:59 came and i cant help my self to rewind it over and over again to atleast know who the hell has that desperate sound, so epic !!

  3. I get you guys want Doctor's voice to sound androgynous, but it just sounds like a womans voice anyway. Or one of a little boy. I hope Doc wont talk much, because I fear I can't take it seriously and ruin the whole thing. Stunning video otherwise.

  4. Ok Trailer is hype and the animation is looking good. But can they overcome the hardest part of everything game anime series. Which is Plot. Because no wonder how good the animation is if the passing is bad or things missed then some people will complain.
    I’m generally very excited to see it

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