Argentina: 56-year-old runner suffers cardiac arrest during half marathon | News from Mexico

ARGENTINA.- The half marathon in Mar del Plata, Argentina presented a scene of commotion when, near crossing the finish line, a 56-year-old competitor suffered cardiac arrest.

The case happened among seven thousand participants enrolled in the distances of 21, 10 and 5 kilometers of the running party, so the health of the man was of interest to all those present.

Plagued with drama are the images of the moment, where it is observed how they treat the man, whom had to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers and use a defibrillator to control the situation.

The other runners passed through the area, bringing his hands to his head when he realized that the medical personnel were trying to save the life of the man lying on the asphalt.

They managed to save him

Fortunately, the municipality of Mar del Plata and the sporting event guaranteed the health and safety of the competitors with five ambulances and the presence of sixty lifeguards with the necessary tools to attend to any incident.

When the ambulance arrived, they managed to recover the competitor’s pulse, being transferred to a nearby hospital, where nearby sources assured recovers favorably and optimistically.

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In the words of Juan Ignacio di Matteo, rescue physician and director of the Emergency Medical Assistance Service, detailed how the critical situation related to the health of the person who suffered heart problems lived.

He mentioned that while he was carrying out the medical coverage of the event, He noticed the fall of the athlete, coming immediately to help him, performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation until he recovered his vital signs.

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