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Ermak’s advisor compared our country with Austria and Germany, but the name is more like the USA

Arestovich continues to make strange statements and run up against criticism. Collage “Today”

Oleksiy Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group, again surprised by the option of renaming Ukraine. It used to be Rus-Ukraine, and this time he proposed to call our country the United Lands of Ukraine.

He said this in an interview. Politeka.

The journalist read him comments from social networks, where one of the users suggested calling Ukraine America, to which Arestovich blurted out: “The United Lands of Ukraine could be called”.

“There really is a wide open space. We are like Austria. We are very similar in this sense to Austria and Germany. They measure by land – we also need to measure by land. We have separate regions geographically, with our own micro-culture, with our own small subethnos. , with its own customs, with its own history, and calling them lands would be just right, for example. Plus – this is a word (land) close to every Ukrainian “, – said the adviser to the head of the OPU.

Arestovich’s scandalous statements

  • Earlier, Alexey Arestovich acted as an expert on military-political issues in various media. After being appointed adviser to Yermak and speaker of the Ukrainian side in the TCG, he already managed to get into scandals. For example, the other day he quarreled with the nationalist Biletsky live – they tried to figure out which one of them is a clown and why.
  • He also proposed to rename Ukraine into Rus-Ukraine, in order to allegedly take away the brand “Russians” from the Russians, which caused a storm of criticism and the head of parliament Razumkov even suggested sending Arestovich as a speaker to the Taliban.
  • And the other day, ex-Interior Minister Arsen Avakov posted on Facebook a video four years ago, in which Arestovich says that ATO is a resort for boys… The former minister reacted harshly to these words.

As we already wrote, on the eve of Arestovich said that you can take Donbass in 3-5 days, while Putin is sick.



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