“Aren’t you going to tell Daddy?” Seo Ye-ji, provocative to wire… Park Byeong-eun broadcasts ‘Affair’ through the speaker (‘Eve’)

‘Eve’ Kang Yoon-gyeom’s affair was revealed.

In the tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Eve’ broadcast on the 30th, Kang Yoon-gyeom (Park Byung-eun)’s affair was revealed to everyone.

On this day, Han So-ra and Kang Yun-gyeom had a welcome ceremony for CL’s department store entrance. There, Israel was waiting.

He scoffed, “I have an old friendship, but I can’t even celebrate it, but it’s cool, madam.” Angered at this, Sora struck off the rose that El was holding, and then wounded his hand.

Seeing this, Irael said, “What should I do? Are you bleeding? Are you going to tell your father? I said that. But why don’t you tell your father about me? Tell me?

Afterwards, Han So-ra shouted to Kang Yoon-gyeom, “Did you bring that woman all the way here? Did you two meet again? Did you bring her here on a date?” Angry Han So-ra continued to shout at Kang Yun-gyeom, and the sound was broadcast through the speaker to all the people present at the welcome ceremony.

On the other hand, tvN’s Wed-Thu drama ‘Eve’ is a revenge drama with the most intense and fatal passionate melodrama about a woman who risked her life and design for 13 years.

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Photo l tvN broadcast screen capture

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