“Are you going to do dalgona?”… Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Squid Game’ Parody of Lee Jung-jae

Jimmy Fallon, a talk show host of the famous NBC talk show ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ on NBC in the US, started parodying Lee Jung-jae of ‘Squid Game’. /Picture=Jimmy Farren Show official YouTube

Jimmy Fallon, a talk show host of the famous NBC talk show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC) in the United States, is drawing attention for parodying Lee Jung-jae of “Squid Game”.

On the 6th (local time), a video titled ‘Jimmy vs Squid Game Cookie’ was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the US NBC ‘Jimmy Fallon Show’ and on the Jimmy Fallon TikTok account.

In the video, Jimmy Fallon wore the same green sportswear as Lee Jung-jae from ‘Squid Game’ and poured soda and sugar into a frying pan to make dalgona.

Fallon, who completed the dalgona with his initials ‘JF’ engraved on it, licked the back of the dalgona like Lee Jung-jae, who played the role of Sung Ki-hoon, and then carefully tried to cut it into the shape of his initials.

The moment he touched the needle, the dalgona was split in two, and the video ended with Jimmy Fallon lying on the floor like the losers who failed the dalgona game in the play.

The ‘Jimmy Fallon Show’ is a famous talk show by NBC in the US that invites politicians such as former US presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump as well as world stars such as Brad Pitt and Ariana Grande as guests. On the 7th (Korean time), Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Jeong Ho-yeon, and Wi Ha-jun appeared in ‘Squid Game’ and talked.

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