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“There is water everywhere, but there is not a single drop to drink.” The words of the British poet Coleridge more than 200 years ago seem to still apply in today’s short video traffic.

Today’s short videos have become the largest traffic pool on the Internet. In the information field held up by short videos, massive content is surging. At first glance, it is full of fun, but when we indulge in it, we will find that we can absorb very little nutrition.

Whether it is visual stimulation or psychological satisfaction, the short video immerses the public in the sensory carnival in the shortest time, creating a “pier” that can be docked for a short time. In this popular imagination, the public can realize the separation of reality in a short period of time, and forget the seriousness of reality and the pressure of life.

The problem is that we always have to return to real life. After we can’t stop, the truth of “spiritual emptiness” that has been transferred or hidden by short videos will always be revealed. At this time, only emptiness strikes us. Looking back, short videos still cannot provide an eternal “harbour”.

Retail meaning, wholesale pleasure. When we started to think about what we got in the short video, we suddenly found that the short video seemed to be more and more boring.


Short video, with traffic and lack of value

In 2021, we have seen too many “traffic passwords”. The embarrassing social death scene, Tao Baibai’s horoscope numerology, Zhang classmate’s country fireworks, the sad and romantic Mohe dance hall, the stunning cross-dressing with strong contrasts, and the BGMs that dominate the hot list… In the field of short videos, almost every Every month can usher in a wave of traffic climax.

When a phenomenal work appears, based on the purpose of attracting traffic, the amount of the same type of content will surge over a period of time. For example, after a cross-dressing video becomes popular, someone will shoot the same style to gain popularity, resulting in uniform cross-dressing videos on the entire network for a period of time.

Deep down, people are more likely to like popular, popular, and entertaining content, which enables these content to spread quickly and attract a lot of traffic. At this time, in order to quickly obtain traffic, the short video platform will also boost the exposure of the content to a certain extent, which forms a kind of cycle, and the resulting homogenized content becomes more and more serious like a snowball.

When you slide up and down, there is no difference except for the account name and the characters appearing on the screen. There is no new idea and it is impossible to form an effective sensory stimulation. The repetition and similarity of the content will bring about the user’s aesthetic fatigue.

At the same time, in 2021, whether Douyin or Kuaishou, the number of humorous, game, and food KOLs will occupy a large number of KOLs on the platform, and the attention of fans will remain high. With the proliferation of viewing behaviors in pursuit of sensory stimulation, pan-entertainment content has gradually occupied a large area of ​​territory.

In a sense, short videos have become a tool for entertainmentism. “We will destroy what we love.” Although entertainment content can make people feel happy, many people gradually deviate from the original track in the process of satisfying their spirits.

On the other hand, the short and fast content characteristics of short videos can also easily lead to fast-food reading, so that valuable thoughts can only leave a short impression in the user’s mind. For example, “A letter from Zhang Guimei to young people”, the content of the video is short, the form is lively, and the speed of dissemination is fast, but it lacks in-depth reading, and the audience cannot taste the connotation.

On Zhihu, behind the question of “what young people “must never touch”, someone wrote that “things with “millisecond pleasure” cannot be touched”. The author mentioned that those software that bring instant pleasure, It will steal your time unknowingly, thinking that you are in control of your own destiny, but you can’t escape.

It’s not exact, but it’s not unreasonable. Short videos bring unprecedented traffic carnival. After the carnival, what is left for most users?

The development of short videos is ultimately the desire of users for high-quality content in the era of Internet fragmentation. With the development of the industry, the increase of platforms and content creators, high-quality content has gradually become a scarce thing. Therefore, if the short video industry wants to achieve sustainable development, the value of the content itself cannot be ignored.


The content ecology is going to upgrade

At this stage in the development of short videos, users are more discerning in their tastes, and have a certain ability to identify high-quality creators and content. From the perspective of the top 10 short video fans in recent years, the proportion of fans in the vertical category of appearance has decreased year by year, and the proportion of fans in the plot and life category has increased.

Changes in public interest drive the growth of the platform’s content structure. Driven by social value and user needs, short video platforms have shifted from extensive competition of “speed-by-speed” to refined competition by “comparison of quality”. Reconstruction has entered a period of intensive cultivation.

Professional knowledge content is the first to bear the brunt. In order to find new increments, pan-knowledge content has become an important track for the overweight layout of public platforms. It is an advanced level of entertainment content, and it is also the value demand of users.

Knowledge content has become the focus of competition among various video platforms. In terms of content, each video platform has further expanded the coverage of the platform’s knowledge field. From previous professional knowledge to pan-knowledge covering all aspects of life, the knowledge ecology has become more and more huge.

On this basis, the platform conducts further refined operations on vertical content. In addition to inviting more famous university teachers, experts and scholars to settle in and establishing exclusive knowledge partitions, the short video platform also distributes and drains knowledge content through question answering interaction, knowledge forums, and questions and answers to expand the influence of knowledge content.

The short video platform has never stopped the incentive plan for knowledge creators. “Kaishou Xinzhibo”, “Good-looking CLUB Qingzhi Special Train”, “DOU Zhi Plan” and “Meng Zhi Plan” are all increasing investment in knowledge and cultural content, so that Knowledge content is better distributed.

A series of measures have prompted the platform to produce more pan-knowledge content with a long tail effect. The short video platform has completed the advancement from pan-entertainment to pan-knowledge, and the overall content value of the platform has been raised.

At the same time, under the background of rural revitalization and market sinking, the short video of agriculture, rural areas and farmers will also usher in great development in 2021. The “2021 Kuaishou Sannong Ecological Report” released by Kuaishou shows that in 2021, the number of Kuaishou Sannong video creators will increase by 60%+, and the number of new Sannong original short videos will exceed 200 million. The phenomenon-level popularity of the rural talent @张学报 also shows the popularity of the “Sannong” short video.

The Yangcheng Evening News once pointed out in a report: In recent years, the rapid development of short videos with rural production and life as the source of content has allowed the broad audience to see the beautiful scene of the countryside exuding a strong sense of the times and vitality. “Local Talent” uses short videos to show local culture and open up new ways to develop agriculture, which to a certain extent satisfies the yearning for rural life among young netizens who grew up in cities.

The sinking content represented by the “Sannong” video has become another competitive track for short video platforms. Providing freshness in the entertainment traffic field, the “Sannong” video not only enriches the content ecology of the short video platform, but also realizes new viewing value for users.

Support and incentives for vertical platforms such as knowledge and agriculture are one of the important measures to upgrade the content ecology of short video platforms. It also really allows us to see the value of short video entertainment products.


Self-made content opens up more possibilities

For most ordinary users, short videos have become the main source of entertainment content consumption. Short videos are inseparable from entertainment content anyway.

The short video platform is also building its own entertainment content ecology based on its own user ecology, product structure and market demand on the basis of respecting the laws of the content itself.

Variety shows, as an important content export in the entertainment field, have also become the target of short video platforms. From sponsoring variety shows, becoming a variety show marketing position, linking with variety shows, and then penetrating into variety show content production, short video platforms are making a big attack in the variety show field.

Take Kuaishou as an example. Last year, it launched a number of self-made variety shows such as “Yue Hard Work, Lucky”, “Tear-resistant Conference”, and “Xinzhi Board of Directors”, constantly improving content innovation and developing its own position.

Douyin also launched “Because I’m a Friend”, “Nice to Meet You 2”, “Like!” Talent Show”, “To You, My New Business Card 2”, etc., meet the diverse needs of users with professional and high-quality content output, and realize the transition from attracting users to precipitation users.

On January 10, Douyin released the “2022 Variety Show List”, 17 blockbuster variety shows covering music, documentary, pets, debate, food, comedy, cute baby and other fields, with different themes and different forms of homemade shows. Create original variety content that conforms to the tonality of the platform. Moreover, the launch of the second and third seasons of many variety shows also shows that their content has a certain audience.

Although according to the current situation, the short video platform does not have a clear “variety show” division, and users mainly rely on search and information flow to watch, but with the gradual enrichment of variety show content and the continuous production of high-quality content, the variety show ecology in short videos will be more perfect.

The entertainment of the short video platform is breaking, starting from the launch of more self-made content, using the exclusiveness and IP of the content to attract users and build a platform development moat.



At the end of last year, the topic of #上 opera post-00 girls singing Peking Opera opera became popular. Five post-00 girls have been on the Douyin Hot List for many days with their short videos of Peking Opera singing, and related topics have been read more than 6600w. After listening to the opera they sang, many netizens sighed: “I didn’t know the beauty of Chinese opera until so late”, “This is the real promotion of traditional culture, thank you for promoting the treasures of our Chinese nation with practical actions”, “The quintessence of the country”. Inheriting the future of innovation” and so on.

The traditional culture precipitated in life, under the equal and open dissemination of short videos, dissolves our inherent one-sided understanding of traditional culture, and makes it the “living water” flowing in daily communication and life. Similarly, many non-genetic inheritors are now using the platform of short videos to further convey the connotation and essence of traditional culture.

Even though the outside world has never stopped talking about the “meaninglessness” of short videos, this is the direct driving force for platforms to spare no effort to upgrade their content ecology and strive to differentiate themselves.

Describe a meaningful story and present a valuable piece of content. In short videos, there is less and less “interesting” content and more and more “story” content, which is what we expect to see.

Note: Text/Yan Yi, source of the article: TopKlout Crawray (Public ID: TopKlout), this article is the author’s independent opinion and does not represent the position of Yibang Power.


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