Application to Lucien Draay by Drake – Ingame

When Luciens was a child, his mother didn’t want him to become a Jedi. So he had him trained by a padawan who had failed, his name was Haazed. He was angry about it so he yelled at his mother that this was unfair! His mother was upset about this, saying it was a shame that Lucian and her self weren’t ones too. Lucian eventually formed a team with the Seers: Q’Anilia, Feln, Ranna Tey, and Xamar.

Lucien and other masters from his team – these were Feln, Xamar, Raana Tey and still Q’Anilia – gave Padawans a task on the rogue moon. This was to walk to the other side of the moon. During the run the eyes were blindfolded and they wore space suits. Lucien waited in time at the destination. His team meditated and watched a Sith Lord kill everyone, the Sith Lord also had on a space suit! Therefore, they assumed that one of the Padawans would like to become a Sith, so they killed all their students so as not to have any accomplices in the Padawan massacre.

Lucien and the other Jedi Masters were waiting at a banquet where the Padawans would eventually be knighted. They also wanted to kill them there. Everything went well, but then suddenly a padawan came too late. On top of that, one padawan was asking too many questions, his name was Shad Jelavan. So they had to kill the Padawans earlier than originally planned. All of this went down in history as the Padawan Massacre of Taris. Zayne Carrick showed up and saw all the bodies on the ground after the massacre. He fled and eventually escaped despite Lucien and the Masters pursuing him.

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