Apple Watch Hermès Series 7: 3 good reasons to succumb to the model

Since 2015 and the first edition of theApple Watch Hermès, the variations were rather orchestrated around the Single and Double Tour bracelets. In 2021, Apple and Hermes unveil new models Apple Watch Hermès Series 7, dressed in curb chain links and patterns Anchor chain.

For the curb-style bracelet

The key word of this model? Chic, chic and more chic. Double tour version, in Barénia leather, the bracelet is directly inspired by the chains of dog collars from the Hermès collections of the 1930s. A surge of sublimated leather and seamless links, which infuse the watch with a touch of elegance. % desirable.

Courtesy of Apple

For more sober models

The duo also offers a model with a single wrap bracelet. Circuit H in Swift calfskin, printed with a very graphic interwoven link pattern. In total, three color variations are available: biscuit / electric blue, red H / black, black / electric blue.

Courtesy of Apple

For its cutting-edge technology

It was in 2015 that the adventure began: between excellence and authenticity, Apple combines its know-how with the signed heritage Hermes, to the delight of early enthusiasts.

The new Apple Watch Hermès Series 7 will be available this fall in selected stores in Germany, Australia, Canada, China, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Spain, United States, France, Italy, in Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan and Thailand.

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