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Apple star analyst: This is how the next iPhone generations will be

by drbyos

Unbroken desire in Corona times: Apple’s iPhone Photo: © Apple

It’s that time of year again: the current iPhone models have been on the market for almost six months, the next generation is expected as early as September. Star analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts what Apple fans can expect

Life insurance runs like clockwork even in the 14th year. In the most recent quarter, Apple achieved a spectacular $ 65 billion with the cult smartphone – that was 58 percent of its total group sales. The narrative that the cult group from Cupertino has gradually emancipated itself from the iPhone thanks to its booming service and wearable sector, must therefore be referred further into the realm of fable.

The first rumors about the next iPhone models that will begin to sprout with the beginning of spring are accordingly being viewed critically. The starting point is clear: The youngest models have been on the market since last autumn: Apple fans who have been longingly waiting for the latest iPhone series have long since fulfilled their purchase wish.

If you don’t have an iPhone 12, but an older model that still works and are thinking about upgrading, you should now be pondering whether you shouldn’t wait for the next generation, which – if everything goes normally – will be available in around six months should be.

Kuo: “S-cycle” with only marginal changes in autumn

According to the presumably best-informed Apple analyst, the changes in the fall are likely to be very small after Apple had visibly updated its lineup with a new design and changed sizes six months ago. According to a short study, Ming-Chi Kuo calculates that dem Blog AppleInsider is now available, now with a so-called “S-cycle”: marginal changes below the surface (such as an improved camera in the Pro models) while maintaining the form factor from last year.

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Apple is likely to offer the next iPhone in four different models – from the smallest version in 4.7 inches to the maxi iPhone in 6.7 inches. Compared to the previous year, the new models could be marginally heavier, which is probably due to a significantly improved battery. The characteristic notch (“notch”) on the upper edge of the display is likely to be smaller on the next iPhones than on the current models, but will still be retained.

The next major design changes won’t be until 2022

Meanwhile, Kuo predicts a groundbreaking redesign in a year and a half at the earliest. At the end of 2022, Apple customers could expect the iPhone 14 to have a display without a “notch” (or just a small hole) and an integrated fingerprint sensor – but only in the Pro series. Apple should also launch a 5G-capable iPhone SE in a year and a half.

A long-awaited foldable iPhone, which Samsung and Huawei are already offering, shouldn’t come onto the market from Apple until autumn 2023, Kuo speculates. Apple shareholders were not bothered by the prospects for major product innovations in the distant future and sent Apple shares, which had recently come under great pressure, by more than five percent today.


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