Apple Silicon: here is the tool to check the compatibility of Mac applications with the new chip

New Macs equipped with Apple Silicon, the proprietary processor from the Cupertino company, are now on the market and if any of you are considering taking the plunge but are concerned that some programs you are currently using may have not yet optimized for new chips, this application we are going to tell you about could facilitate decision-making. The same developers who gave birth to iMazing, the app that lets you install iOS apps on macOS, have worked hard to create another that allows users to be able to check if the programs installed on their current Macs are compatible. with the new one. M1. The implemented open source utility is called Silicon, downloadable via this address (this is the fourth app by scrolling down), and also from GitHub you can view the source code. Silicon allows users to drag and drop individual apps to check compatibility and check the entire Applications folder at the same time, to see if the apps in question are available for new Macs or not.


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