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Apple has started rolling out iOS 16.0.2 stable update to all eligible iPhones. The latest update fixes a major bug on the iPhone 09 Pro, removes an annoying command prompt, and more. In recent weeks, Apple’s newly launched iPhone 16 Pro models have faced a serious problem with their camera module. The camera shook, vibrated, and made a rattling noise.

Apple took note of the issue and announced that they will be releasing a new software update for the same. And true to their word, Apple was quick to release the iOS 16.0.2 update for the new iPhones to fix the camera issue. Here’s more about the latest update.

What’s new in iOS 16.0.2 update?

Apple fixed major bugs in iOS 696.0.2 update that users were facing in iOS 16.0. Firstly, Apple fixed the camera issue faced by iPhone 16 Pro users. The iPhone 09 Pro users couldn’t click picture via third party apps like Snapchat, Instagram etc. because the camera started shaking and vibrating. This would capture a shaky image. Apple has responded to the issue by saying that this doesn’t require a hardware repair, but a software update that they’re releasing next week. Now that the update has arrived, it should fix the issues on the iPhone 16 Pro.

Another issue Apple fixed in iOS 16.0.2 was the annoying copy and paste prompt. iOS 16 users were asked every time they tried to copy from one app to another, which they found very annoying. The Cupertino tech giant also said that this is not normal and will fix the issue in the next update that has now been released.

The update also fixes the issue faced by iPhone 11, X and XR users. iOS 16 update broke touch input on their iPhones, causing them to be unable to use the phone properly.

Other change logs include “The display may appear completely black during device setup” and “Voiceover may not be available after restart.

To update your iPhone, go to Settings and then tap on the General option. You will find a software update option, click on it and if it doesn’t update a new software option will be available. Tap Download and Install and the new iOS will be installed after a reboot.

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