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Apple launches kit for users to repair their cell phones

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When the US company Apple released its iPhone 13 in September this year, repair experts quickly spotted a problem. If you broke the screen of your phone and went to an unofficial technical service to replace it, you lost the facial recognition function. This happened because of a small chip built into the cable that connects the screen to the motherboard.

After the controversy that caused this problem, the company announced that it would offer a solution that would involve not replacing that chip for facial recognition to work. Although they have not announced a date, it is known that the change would come through a software update.

Thus, Apple seems to be giving way more and more in this type of restrictions. Now it does so by announcing Self Service Repair, a mode with which customers can repair their phones thanks to the support of the company.

“I think that Apple’s openness to this issue is only positive, since currently there are many alternative spare parts that all they do is damage a noble team and in many opportunities it is the beginning of the nightmare,” says Luis Tapia Villanueva, manager General of MacTotal, dedicated since 2001 to the repair of brand equipment.

The news is also pushed by the administration of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, who encouraged the Federal Trade Commission to ban manufacturers electronic products restrict people from repairing their devices, either on their own or through independent technical services.

But the repair kits service will not be available to all customers yet. In early 2022 it will be launched in the United States, to later spread to more countries. Nor will all the devices be repaired in this mode. The company will start with the iPhone 12 and 13, of which there will be access to official Apple tools and parts. The functionalities that these repair kits will focus on will be the screen, camera and battery.

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“Apple wants to get even closer to customers, but from the practical side. When you want to fix an iPhone, you take it to an official dealer and they don’t fix it right away, so you go to a third-party service. Apple wants to reduce this informality gap ”, explains technology expert Mario Saavedra, known as @Macgenio.

Although, for Saavedra, there is a search for the company to further retain customers, it also considers this as a benefit both for Apple and for the unofficial technical services that could now access these repair kits.

“If you go to an Apple retail store and you take an iPhone that failed, they send it back and Apple pays them for it, because they buy all the bad parts. Either they pay you or they give you a discount for the new parts. That’s where the business is ”, adds Saavedra.

The company specified, through its statement, that it is important to read the repair manual in advance, because the service is aimed at customers who have some technical knowledge to carry out the process.

“In the hands of an inexperienced, everything is complex, no matter how easy it may seem. These are noble machines that must be treated in the same way. We have only been repairing this brand for 22 years and we have seen it all ”, says Luis Tapia Villanueva.

After understanding the operation of the repair process through the manual, the customer can place an order for tools and parts through an online store that will be specially dedicated to this issue and where more than 200 spare parts can be found. After making the repair, those who return parts for recycling will get credit toward their next purchases.

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“Apple is building computers almost 100% with recycled material, so for them it is super important to get what is bad to recycle it. They use aluminum to make new casings, ”says Saavedra. “I immediately thought of the increase in recycled material that they are going to have by opening this to all channels. They only collect used equipment and parts through formal channels. Imagine that they open up to all the third-party channels that exist now, which can begin to repair defective equipment and parts from all over the world ”, he adds.

But repair services are not the only new thing that Apple has announced lately. Added to this are new functions in the area of ​​health that they plan to incorporate into their devices in the future.

According to the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the technology company is investigating the power to incorporate in its AirPods functionalities related to the measurement of body temperature, accurate hearing and body posture.

“We have had enough of that in the technology market. And especially Apple has done very well with its iHealth application and its entire range of sensors associated with health ”, comments Mario Saavedra.

And it is that since the debut of the first Apple Watch in 2015, the company has incorporated various functionalities that allow monitoring various aspects of health. For example, it warns of loud sounds that can damage your hearing, detects abnormal heart rhythms, monitors your menstrual cycle, and you can even have an EKG.

“When you have health problems, in the end everyone knows that it is best if you buy an iPhone and an Apple Watch, because 80% of the things you have to monitor are going to be monitored. But how do we extend that not only to those most in need, but also as a matter of care and prevention. Apple is going there too, so that you have a healthy life and prevent diseases ”, adds Saavedra.

These three new functionalities that Apple seeks to integrate into its hearing aids would work through sensors, just as the classic Apple Watch already do.

“It is something that was seen coming because people have a greater interest in their health. However, it still generates a certain risk because people can rely a lot on these devices and end up not going to a doctor. But it is support from the point of view of the concern that people may have for their health, that is important and it is normal for Apple to start looking for applications that can help us ”, says Dr. Norma Contreras, from the German Clinic.

In addition, in this same line, the company would be working to ensure that its iPhone phones can detect symptoms of depression or deterioration of the cognitive system.

Despite how beneficial it can be to be monitored by this type of device, Dr. Contreras also sees a concern in how the company will seek to implement these functionalities. “Regarding the function of body posture, it seems a bit strange to me, because you also have to know people’s bodies. Many people have postural defects, but also alterations in the spine and there you have to go to the doctor ”, he points out.

It is for this reason that the professional says that these devices are only a guide, but that they do not replace visiting a doctor when necessary. “They are very useful when it comes to monitoring, when you are going to do a sport, for example. But not in making some type of diagnosis, since they are very individual things and it is not worth it that you are relying on a device that is predetermined ”, he defines.

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