Apple is working on a rollable smartphone

Adios foldable phones, hello rollable smartphones? A competition that will perhaps happen more quickly than expected, given the development of the two types of smartphone. We know that manufacturers such as Huawei, or of course Samsung are in the process of adopting rollable devices after their rise in the foldable. And after them it should Apple which would follow suit, since the manufacturer would be building a phone of the kind, whose patent has just been filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Screen rolling system patent

This patent is called “Electronic Devices Having Sliding Expandable Display”, or “electronic device having a sliding screen which can extend”. A fairly detailed description, for a phone that borrows the same kind of mechanism as those of the competitors, with a rolling pillar inside allowing the screen to be enlarged or reduced.. A project that seems attractive to all lovers of the brand with the bitten apple, but which one can wonder at what time horizon it could materialize, when we know that the foldable phone from Apple would not be scheduled until 2023.


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