Apple is not an illegal monopoly, but it is guilty of anti-competitive practices

The judgment on Friday is the result of last year’s lawsuit by Epic Games, the producer of the popular Fortnite game. The game was then banned from the App Store – Apple’s mobile application store – for an attempt to bypass its payment system, for the use of which the company charged a 30% commission.

Judge Yvonne Rogers found that the prohibition of information about alternative, cheaper payment systems through apps in the App Store was an anti-competitive practice contrary to California law, and ordered the giant to stop it.

At the same time, the judge assessed that Epic did not prove during the trial that Apple had a monopoly position contrary to the applicable law.

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– The court found that Apple has a significant market share (mobile transactions), greater than 55%, and has unusually high margins, but these factors are not enough to prove violation of competition law. Success is not illegal, the judge said.

Epic Games announced an appeal against the judgment, the appeal was also not ruled out by Apple. Epic will have to pay the Cupertino corporation 30 percent. from $ 12 million in revenues that the company collected after introducing an alternative payment system.

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