Apple iOS 15: new photo features

During WWDC 2021, Apple presented iOS 15. A few days before the keynote presentation of the new iPhones which will normally also mark the availability of the new operating system, we invite you to take a tour of the novelties around the photo.

On June 7, 2021, WWDC was held, the opportunity for Apple to unveil all of its software innovations, in particular its operating systems for Mac, iPhone iPad, Watch, etc. These are scheduled for the end of 2021. Traditionally , it is the iPhone and the Apple Watch that mark the beginning of these arrivals. Apple has just confirmed holding a keynote on September 14, 2021. A keynote which should be devoted to the new iPhone, Watch, EarPods and therefore to the operating systems that propel them. Apple iOS 15 should play one of the main roles.

We suggest you take a tour of the photo novelties upstream of the official availability of iOS 15. Indeed, for the moment, the operating system is only accessible by public beta.

Like every new iteration, iOS 15 comes with its share of new features. Several of them directly concern the photo features, others impact them.


With iOS 15, Apple now allows users to view snapshot metadata / EXIF ​​data directly from the Photos app. Objective, focal length, location, sensitivity, aperture, speed, size are accessible to the user. Some of them like date and time can also now be changed.


Souvenirs, a full-fledged feature of the Photos application, allows you to automatically generate a panorama / video from a keyword that can be a place, a time, a date (Lisbon, Christmas, Cicada concert, etc.) , benefits from a major update. By Apple’s own admission, this is “the most important update ever to Souvenirs.” “

With iOS 15, Souvenirs gets a new look, interface and integration with Apple Music.

  • Subscribers can now choose among the songs in the Apple Music library to make it the soundtrack of their “memory”. The application can also offer them automatically. This is a matching game based on recommendations from Apple teams with the musical tastes of the user and the content of photos and videos. Apple also specifies that this feature can suggest “hits” that refer to the place and date of your memory, songs that you listened to during a trip, or while taking photos. For images relating to a concert, a piece by the artist. The company also specifies that all this is done with full respect for the privacy of users.
  • This update of Souvenirs also authorizes intervention on the content in order to personalize them a little more. By browsing through the Memories mixes, it is possible to test songs with different rhythms and choose one to your liking.
  • Memories of iOS 15 also features animated cards with adaptable, smart titles, new animation and transition styles, and multi-frame collages for cinematic rendering.
Improved research tools

Apple also announces the improvement of several search and recognition tools. The Spotlight search tool (macOs, iOS, iPadOS) now allows you to search their photos. Thanks to the different analysis algorithms, the search will bring up the images containing the object of the search (sea, mountain, Eiffel Tower, plate, etc.).

“Live Text” relies on the power of Apple processors and algorithms developed by the firm to offer various services:

  • analyze the text within an image to transform it into copyable text (like an OCR application does). It is then possible to translate it into another language, save it as a text document, send it …

  • interpret information in the form of text within an image for direct use: directly call a phone number, store it in your contacts, recognize the password of a WiFi network to connect to it, press l ‘url of a web page in a photo to open it in the browser. This function is accessible from Spotlight searches.

The functionality called “visual search” allows the user to obtain information on one or more elements of a photo present in his library or resulting from a Web search. By tapping on the photo, contextual information appears.

Rationalization and centralization

The “shared with you” function analyzes and dispatches all the content of Messages according to its type of images, music, podcats, url, etc. Music in the Music application, an url in Safari, a podcast in the Podcasts application . And it is therefore logical that the images will therefore be accessible from Photos. Some will appreciate the fact of finding these images in the applications, others will consider that they pollute their image libraries.

If events turn out as in the past, iOS 15 should be rolling out shortly after Apple’s keynote. The latter will provide a lot of answers, but will also raise a lot of questions.

Source : Apple

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