Apple: AirPods 3 are 175 € on Amazon!

News bon plan Apple: AirPods 3 are 175 € on Amazon!

Published on 05/24/2022 at 19:15

In October 2021, the AirPods range was enriched with a new product or the third generation of the latter. These in-ear headphones are among the best on the market, and if we rarely see a drop in price, today we do, because Amazon offers the AirPods 3 at 175 € instead of 199 €.

With the AirPods Pro 2 which are starting to be talked about little by little, we would almost forget this third generation which had appeared last year.

In a particularly competitive market, Apple still manages to hold its various headphones and even its headphones in a good position.

Buy the Airpods 3 at 175 € on Amazon

It must be said that the AirPods 3 have a particularly effective design and their shape is adjusted and the stem shorter to combine a good look and better sound orientation.

The biggest positive point of this third generation is surely its sound reproduction. Its technology is able to equalize the sound according to the shape of your ears and this is particularly felt. Microphones detect sounds coming at you to adjust your music experience in real time.

L’Audio Spatial is also part of it. Introduced by Apple not so long ago, this feature allows you to experience sound in 360 degrees and almost gives the feeling of being in front of an orchestra or the characters of what you are watching.

In-ear headphones almost as good as the AirPods Pro

Using the AirPods in FaceTime or for your calls is simply brilliant. The small black surface or recessed mesh fabric drastically reduces outside noise, letting only your voice through. For your visios, these headphones will therefore be perfect.

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For the rest, we find the unbeatable ecosystem of Apple, namely a simple and fast pairing with your iOS devices. The switch is done with the snap of a finger between your different devices. It is even possible to use two pairs of headphones on the same device!

A “Find” function allows you to track your AirPods and receive an alert if they move away from you. For those who wish, it is also possible to plug these headphones into MagSafe to charge the case magnetically.

To finish with autonomy, this is up to 30 hours, while we did not exceed 24 for the Pro. A new endurance which is therefore welcome.

If you don’t want to use noise canceling or aren’t a fan of the Pro’s rubber tips, the True Wireless AirPods 3 headphones are definitely what you need. You can therefore find them at 175 € on Amazon.

Buy the Airpods 3 at 175 € on Amazon

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