Anuel: His ex, Yailin, the most viral, cries when listening to Ana Gabriel’s live apology after saying he didn’t know her | Dominican Republic | CELEBRITIES | TVMAS

Ana Gabriel He is on tour, in the midst of visiting the various countries on his tour, he announced his retirement from the stage. Last weekend, one of the places she performed was the Dominican Republic, where she performed three times.

In one of these presentations, the Mexican singer found out that the ex-girlfriend and mother of the daughter of anuel, Yalinand apologized in public, a fact that made the influencer cry.

Why did Ana Gabriel apologize to Yailin, the most viral?

Some days ago, Ana Gabriel made a live broadcast in which he confessed that he knew nothing about Yalin. This fact unleashed thousands of criticisms from thousands of users. Reading the number of attacks she received, the singer had no problem retracting and apologizing in the middle of her concert, where the ex of rapper Anuel was.

“I did not know about her and they tell me that Yailin is among the public (…), really thank you for coming, I am infinitely grateful. I see the public how she loves her and I share that love, that love that you yourself know they have for you. I made a video offering you my apologies, thank you for coming and sharing that love.” asserted Ana Gabriel.

Yailin cried upon hearing Ana Gabriel’s apology

When the influencer heard Ana Gabriel’s words, she was moved and began to cry. Concertgoers near her hugged her and held her until she calmed down.

Through their social networks, Yalin He thanked Ana Gabriel for her words.

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