Antonio Banderas reveals what he earns with his musical

Antonio Banderas reveals what he earns with his musical

  • Antonio Banderas is the protagonist and producer of the musical ‘Company’, a performance that is carried out at the Albéniz Theater in Madrid

  • The musical tells the story of a fifty-year-old New York bachelor played by Antonio Banderas

  • In an interview on the program ‘La Ventana’, the producer has openly recounted the money he earns with this project

Antonio Banderas produces and stars ‘Company’, a musical in which he gives life to a fifty-year-old bachelor from New York and in which he deals with such important themes as fear of failure, disappointment and love. From November 17 to February 14, the actor will perform this performance in Madrid, specifically at the Albéniz Theater, which he considers “Spanish Broadway.” He promised himself that he would not perform musicals outside of Malaga, his homeland, but he considers that the occasion deserves it and he has decided to take the leap.

Antonio Banderas attended ‘La Ventana’, the Cadena Ser program, along with Marta Ribera, her co-star. In addition to promoting the play and telling details of what they are experiencing after more than two months of performances in the capital, the actor has gone on to tell details of how they are able to finance this musical. Proud of having been “practically full every day with an average of 758 spectators per performance”, Bandera has said that they have “very little publicity”. and that they are a multinational.

“The Soho Theater is a private, non-profit company. That is very important because there are not many companies like this in Spain. We put everything in search of excellence. That is why I allow myself to have 26 live musicians. If I wanted to make money I would have 8 and record everything else. Let’s go with everything, as I think shows should be done, “said the producer of this musical in his last public appearance.

Does Antonio Bandera lose money with his musical?

The actor has had no problem explaining that, even if they had filled every day (there are 800 seats available), he “would have lost money.” “But it doesn’t matter. We are willing to offer the best of ourselves. That is the policy we are following and it is the reflection of some North American companies,” he explained.

This “North American” model in which he affects on more than one occasion is something he does because “it can be allowed”, without wanting it to be understood, so he throws a flag “against what is public”. The actor, one of the most international faces in Spanish cinema, has assured that this way of understanding the show is “a reflection of the way of doing things in some American companies”. “Everything there, art, cinema, theater, is private. Whoever wants to play it, plays it, but there are no subsidies”, he has finished explaining.


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