‘Antifa teacher’ who wanted to make mini-revolutionaries in 180 DAYS put on leave, school board flees raging parents in Sacramento – RT USA News

A California high school “Antifa teacher” has been placed on paid leave “for his actions in the classroom” after a busy board meeting. He admitted to working to turn children “into revolutionaries” in a Project Veritas video.

Gabriel Gipe will be removed from his post as the AP government teacher at Inderkum High School, the school board said on Wednesday. He was put on paid leave that morning after allegedly breaking school policies at the Natomas Unified School District regarding posting political material and defending political results. After the release of a hidden camera video in which he bragged about turning the children of Sacramento into revolutionary mini-me, nearly half a million angry parents and viewers – online or in person – expressed their grievances.

Gipe had previously boasted of indoctrinating children Antifa style in a clip published by Project Veritas, a conservative journalism newspaper. In the ensuing uproar, the school revealed that it would be ” take the next legally required steps to put the teacher on unpaid leave and dismiss the teacher.Wednesday’s board meeting that followed, which was televised live online, was overrun with angry parents, who clearly wanted more than the dismissal of a bad teacher.

A parent complained that “without warning, [her] her daughter’s constitutional law class was changed to a social justice classWhile others compared the lack of accountability to school board scuffles over mask wearing and sex education.

« Parents are already panicked by inappropriate sex education and critical race theory, and now they find their children are brainwashed and recruited by a teacher.», Lamented Marilyn Jackson, president of the Christian group Pray4SafeSchools.

The father of a student even denounced faulty teachers like “times“, Declaring” there is no excuse for communism on American soilAnd calling for a criminal investigation. ” I look at [the schoolchildren’s] faces and they are pure innocence, pure love! He shouted, enraged that ” these bad guys put stuff in it! It must stop.  »

If you can’t protect your child, there is no hope that you will be alive. You don’t even have to have the United States.

During the Project Veritas video, Gipe said he “ has 180 days to turn [the children] as revolutionaries”, An assertion he would have delivered to at least one class of students themselves. Asked by the Project Veritas reporter how he was so sure he could indoctrinate his accusations in just one school year, he replied: “I scare them. «

Gipé « wanted to make going back to school uncomfortableHence the decision to line the walls and ceilings of his classroom with Antifa flags and portraits of Mao and to give extra credit for attending the protests. He also allegedly purchased a set of rubber stamps depicting the faces of famous dictators as well as slogans to use in scoring work, and acknowledged that in order to truly achieve his goals, ” you have to recycle the way people think.«

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Gipe insisted that he is not the only individual ” recruitmentSchoolchildren for Antifa, although his ideological fellow travelers on social media were quick to disavow his actions. ” There is a way to present revolutionary thinking to students, but that’s absolutely not it”, A Twitter user lamented. On the advice of his lawyer, Gipe told his colleague Antifa to avoid the board meeting. However, a school mother agreed that Gipe was not alone in his quest for conversion, explaining that there was “subtle indoctrinationIs also happening in other classes.

« Everything we said, they admitted itPeriscope user OreoExpress marveled as he waited for a long queue to join the meeting. Comedian Rob Schneider joked that he “never in [his] thought of life [he] would watch a whole school board meeting“, But that this one was”absolutely fascinating.  »

And he wasn’t the only one to think so, with nearly half a million people tuning in to Periscope alone to watch the drama unfold. Indeed, the drama got so hot that the school board members took a break, came back, took another break, and finally snuck out the back door before anyone realized what they were doing.

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