?? Anti-racist ?? Madness: Canadian schools burn Asterix and Co.

It is an action that not only stunned, but could also come straight from an imaginary “Handbook of the Brute”: As “Radio Canada” reports, a school authority in Windsor in Ontario, Canada, supposedly had almost 5,000 books and encyclopedias as early as 2019 Incinerate or recycle racist ideas. All of this was done within regular class time and with the express intention of being reconciled with the Native Canadians. The action has now become public and causes a great outcry in Canada.

School activists videotaped the “cleaning ceremony”

The inconceivable: It was not the writings of actual racists and anti-Semites such as Adolf Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg or Houston Stewart Chamberlain that the 30 or so French-speaking schools that took part in the book burning campaign had to deal with. Instead, the fonts that were handed over to the flames around two years ago included comics such as “Asterix and the Indians”, the Tintin comic book “Tintin America” and even “Pocahontas”. Three comics from the famous “Lucky Luke” western comics found no mercy in front of the woken activists and went up in flames.

As “Radio Canada” also found out, the book burning is said to have been committed by the Canadian wokists in a real ritual, a “purification ceremony by flames”, which is said to remind strangely of dark chapters in human intellectual history. In addition, the “ceremony” was recorded by an activist on video and was intended to serve as a model for further book burnings in the spirit of wokeness – only the corona pandemic and fear of strong public reactions prevented this.

Resist the beginnings

But that is now late – and in the middle of the final phase of the Canadian election campaign: A new parliament will be elected in Canada on September 20 and the previous treatment of the Canadian natives by the majority population there has been causing waves for some time. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau felt compelled to condemn this serious attack on freedom of expression, but at the same time to emphasize the goal of reconciliation with the Canadians.

He may be able to devote himself to another task in the coming legislative period: Particularly overzealous, self-proclaimed “anti-racists” who, because of their mentality, believe that they have a higher disposition than the rest of humanity and derive from it for themselves, including illegal and to be allowed to use illegal means in the “fight against racism”, to recall the timeless admonition of Immanuel Kant that the end should never justify the means. Otherwise, there is a risk of Heinrich Heine’s well-known saying that one day people will one day be burned where books are burned, even without wearing a brown shirt or a Ku Klux Klan mask – and that in the name of an ideology, who pretends to stand up for tolerance and cosmopolitanism.

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