Another sale of Musk stock… Investors ‘litigation’

[이코노믹리뷰=최진홍 기자] Elon Musk also sold Tesla stock. Investors sued for responsibility for the stock price decline, but Musk’s straight-forward instinct is still there.

According to the industry and foreign media such as Bloomberg on the 18th, Musk recently sold 934,091 shares of Tesla. After discussing the introduction of the wealth tax on the 6th of last month, he decided to sell the stock he owned through a survey and started selling the stock again.

Elon Musk. source = news

At the time, Musk decided to sell his 10% stake in Tesla. Out of a total of 17 million shares, 12.9 million shares were actually sold through this sale.

Musk’s sell-off drove the stock down 25% from its peak. Meanwhile, Tesla shareholders have launched a lawsuit alleging Musk’s negligence on confidentiality. It is argued that Musk’s actions ignored the legitimate rights and interests of investors, while questioning responsibility for the share price decline.



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