Another evacuation flight transported 156 people from Afghanistan to Qatar

According to the White House, 19 American citizens were on board. The French news agency AFP previously stated that 49 Frenchmen and their families also traveled by flight.

A spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council said the departure of the Americans had been mediated by the US government and that two more U.S. citizens and 11 U.S. residents had left the country by land.

She added that the United States is continuing to work intensively to ensure the safe departure of Afghanistan from other American citizens and Afghans who worked with the United States during their service in the Asian country. The French Foreign Ministry said that the French citizens would then be transported from Qatar to Paris by a service provided by the government.

According to the AP agency, about 200 people, including Americans, transported the plane from Kabul to Doha, Qatar, on Thursday. This flight was the first in Kabul of a similar scale since the end of August, when the last soldiers of the American and Allied forces withdrew from the country and the evacuations organized by individual governments of Western countries ended.

The Taliban movement, which has taken control of Afghanistan in parallel with the withdrawal of foreign military missions, previously announced that it would allow foreigners and Afghans with valid travel documents to leave the country. But there was no doubt about the promise until the last moment. Departures take place a few days after the Taliban announced the composition of its new government.

Qatar, as a key intermediary between the Western countries and the Taliban, is involved in the resumption of operations at Kabul Airport. He sent technicians and other experts to replace safety and flight control.

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