Angels & Airwaves – Spellbound (official music video)

Angels & Airwave’s new single “Spellbound” comes from their upcoming album “LIFEFORMS” – released on September 24th. Save in advance now at Stay ….

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40 Responses

  1. Been a hardcore fan of this band since day 1. Favorite band of all time and I can honestly say, I think this album is the most diverse piece of art they have produced. Every song is so different. They are pushing the boundaries of what they can be artistically while keeping the same structure and message I fell in love with. This album is going to be fantastic. Unlike most hardcore fans I love seeing Tom take steps outside of what he's comfortable with. It's going to make for some amazing music. There's only been one song out of this album I haven't cared for too much. The rest have been a beautiful journey.

  2. Maybe it's just me, and I'm the biggest Tom, AVA fan, but these songs sound like unreleased throw aways….I just triggered some people including myself lmao anyways just being honest but also could be in love with the whole album once it all comes out and I listen 1000 times

  3. I'm kind of torn with this one. Think it's a really catchy sound, but missing Tom's guitar to be honest. He has some great riffs on the new songs so far so I guess I expected more on this one. Still good stuff though.

  4. Followed Tom all these years and this is pretty lame. Lyrics are lame, and it’s formula is so poppy and predictable. I know people will like this, but it’s nothing new to the die hard fans. Tom seems to be allergic to breaking his exhaustive verse / chorus / verse 2 / chorus / bridge / last chorus strategy. I could have written stuff like this as well as millions other. No true Quality to it or profession to it…but still listenable.

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