Angelique Boyer retires from television

The actress seeks to change course and take a break in her career

Angelique Boyer decided to put a pause in her acting career after 16 years of experience, becoming one of the most recognized actresses in Mexico and Latin America, a success that led to her starring in melodrama “Teresa” and in novels like ‘What life stole from me’ and the most recent ‘Empire of lies’.

In a meeting with the media outside the Televisa San Ángel studio, the French-born actress told reporters that even if she didn’t want to, when the recordings of ‘Empire of lies‘, he won’t do any more television projects for at least a year.

“I will definitely give myself a break, even if I don’t want to. The screen will not be, at least for a year ”, mentioned the iconic Teresa.

It should be mentioned that this is not the first time that Angelique takes a break from soap operas, since at the end of the story ‘Love to death’, he gave himself a time of a year before starting ‘Empire of Lies’.

In other topics, the girlfriend of Sebastian Rulli He confessed that he will definitely be supporting his fellow RBD on their reunion after 12 years.

“Without a doubt in the front row, as a cheerleader and super fan I will be without a doubt, the truth is that it is very emotional, I think it is also one of the great news of 2020, seeing them together and remembering that is always incredible, so I wish you all. better ”, he said.


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