ANF ​​| Rape threat against TJA activist

After the fatal attack on the leader of the Memanî tribal and village protector association loyal to the AKP in Cizîr at the beginning of December, 32 people from the vicinity of the HDP were arrested in the northern Kurdish province of Şirnex. The driver of the broad-based police action is the Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who blames the HDP for the attack and is once again channeling state repression against the democratic opposition with a disinformation and defamation campaign staged in parliament. Eighteen arrest warrants have now been issued in connection with the attack. One of the victims is the Kurdish activist Sümeyye Gök from the Silopîya district. Gök, a member of the Free Women’s Movement (TJA), was arrested on December 8th. After being detained by the Şirnex police for a week, she was arrested on Wednesday. As lawyer Haşim Toğurlu is now making public, his client has been tortured in police custody.

“Sümeyye Gök was abused both physically and mentally by the police. She has been beaten, subjected to a forcible naked search and put under massive pressure to force her to act as informers. She has been threatened with ending up ‘behind prison walls or underground’ if she defies the demands. The fact that she defended herself against the body search was recorded separately in the protocol. A preliminary investigation is likely to be initiated, ”said Haşim Toğurlu on Friday. Male officials said: “If you resist the nude search, we will come back with our female colleagues. They will then mount you. “

Basic principle of the presumption of innocence undermined

The lawyer also said: “The basic principle of the presumption of innocence is completely undone here. My client and is treated like a cold-blooded murderer. During the trip to court and later to prison, she even had to wear a bulletproof vest. ”Toğurlu is appalled. To make matters worse, the “inhuman” treatment of Gök continues in prison. “After the transfer to the detention center, ordered by the court, Sümeyye Gök was pounded by the prison staff. Here, too, she tried to defend herself against a naked search. Four law enforcement officers hit her neck area and tore out clumps of hair. The security authorities speak of the existence of a mysterious voice message to the killed Tahir Güven and apparently want to manipulate the investigation file to the effect that Sümeyye Gök was the author and sender. As a defense, we requested that you listen to the voicemail. We are categorically denied this request, ”said Toğurlu.

Bunker in a single cell

Sümeyye Gök is currently being held in a solitary cell in a bunker, the lawyer explained. Meanwhile, the prison administration firmly rejects the allegations made by his client about bad treatment. “We have filed several criminal charges against all responsible police officers with the responsible public prosecutor’s office. It’s about naked searches, video recordings made by Sümeyye Gök with hands tied behind his back, threats and insults. “

The civil defense units YPS had committed themselves to the attack on Tahir Güven.


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