Andy Rivera launches a message for Lina Tejeiro with ‘Fuego’

Andy rivera has been at the center of some news on social networks and national media, due to his past relationship with the actress Lina Tejeiro. There was a lot of talk and speculation about this courtship, in addition to emphasizing the things that happened after they officially announced their breakup.

Despite the fact that the artists stayed away and said little about the moments they spent internally in their love bond, thousands of people have asked and criticized the end of their relationship. There are those whoThey sign that they should be given a new opportunity, while others assure that everything flows further apart.

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Although fans try to relate them in all the content or projects they carry out, recently, the singer aroused the curiosity of hundreds of people for a detail that he included in his new musical release, entitled ‘Fire’. According to what has been commented, in this artistic video there would be a nod to Lina Tejeiro.



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