Andy Murray’s wedding ring is stolen in a smelly shoe

Funny or tragic?

Andy Murray’s wedding ring stolen in a smelly shoe – now he’s asking his community for help

With three-time Grand Slam winner Andy Murray, the house blessing is currently quite crooked. This is due to the wedding ring, which is stolen from the tennis professional after a curious story.

Andy Murray gives himself bad marks for his action in which his wedding ring was stolen.

Instagram / andymurray and Keystone

“I know that I’m an idiot,” said Andy Murray’s introductory words on Instagram. In a video by the 34-year-old Scotsman, the explanation follows: “I have something here that I need your help with.” The three-time Grand Slam winner is currently in Indian Wells, California, and is preparing for the ATP 1000 tournament there.

Last night he wanted to air out his “sweaty, damp and smelly” shoes. “Because I don’t have a balcony in my room, I didn’t want the stench in my hotel room.” That’s why the former number one decided to let his shoes dry under his car overnight. A day later he knows that this was not a brilliant idea and has to laugh about it himself. “When I went to the car the next morning, my shoes were gone.”

Shoes off, wedding ring too

The Scot had to stock up on new shoes in a local tennis shop. “Not ideal, but not the end of the world either.” But the shock follows when his physio asks him about the wedding ring before the training session. Because the ring bothers him while playing tennis, he ties it to his shoes. So his wedding ring was stolen along with the shoes. “Needless to say, this didn’t go over very well at home,” says Murray. “So I have to find this one now.”

Finally, he asks his fans to share the video so that they can get to the bottom of the whole story. In addition, the 34-year-old is thinking of setting a finder’s fee. Roger Federer’s coach, Ivan Ljubicic, tries to reassure Murray in the comments: “I’m in my first marriage, but already at the third ring. This is not a problem. But why do you only have one pair of shoes with you for a whole tournament? “

Andy Murray (ATP 121) joins the tournament on Friday against the French Adrian Mannarino (ATP 51). After long injury breaks, a temporary resignation and implantation of an artificial hip joint, Murray tries to fight his way back into the top 100 of the world rankings. If the search for his wedding ring is unsuccessful, his wife Kim Sears, to whom he has been married since 2015, will hardly receive him with open arms when he returns.


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