Andrey Gubin now: 2021 – photo, what’s wrong with him, latest news – September 10, 2021

What’s going on with Andrey Gubin? This question has been worrying fans of the 47-year-old artist for several years. Back in April 2020, fresh photos of him appeared on the network, in the company of singer Ulyana Karakoz and producer Taras Vashchinin, on which Gubin, according to fans, looked completely unimportant. Photos of the singer, popular in the 90s, caused heated discussions of his appearance in the comments: “He looks unhealthy”, “nothing positive, leave him, he is tired”, and someone did not even believe that Andrey is in the photo “It’s not him, is it? do not deceive us. “

Recall that after leaving the stage, the singer did not appear in public, and for the last year, even friends and colleagues in the profession did not know where he was. The closest of them even wanted to file a report with the police. Only his old friend, businessman Vladimir Burmyakov, knew about Andrey’s location. According to him, the singer was in Egypt all this time.

The reason for his escape from the public was health problems. Back in the mid-2000s, Gubin was diagnosed with left-sided prosopalgia of the face. The disease is manifested by constant acute shooting pain in the face area, and it occurs due to disorders of the nervous system (due to chronic stress, lack of sleep, overwork).

Only in 2019, on the air of the program “Tonight”, Andrei Gubin told why he did not appear in public and about his illness. “The doctors have given up on me for a long time. In all respects, I should have been bent for a long time, but Andryusha does not give up so easily, ” – said the artist.

In 2021, after returning to Russia, Gubin gave a small comment about his health to the journalists of AiF:

“I really was in Egypt, where I swam a lot, treated my back. Alas, my health is still bad, no progress. Literally everything hurts. “

Due to the lack of progress in treatment, Gubin is still postponing his return to the stage, and because of unpleasant comments on social networks, he prefers not to post his photos and avoid talking to the press.

However, the artist is not discouraged, plans to work on a new album, lives with a girl, is actively involved in sports and monitors his physical condition.

“Yes, I’m scary as hell, but I’m one of those people who cycle 100 km in a week. When you do the same, the thought will come to you that everything is not so bad with me. “

We hope that the health issue of Andrey Gubin, beloved by everyone in the 90s, will nevertheless be resolved in a positive direction and he will again delight us with his hits, but for now let’s see a few nostalgic photos and videos.

Here he is – one of the main sex symbols of the Russian show business of the 90s.

Then posters with Gubin hung in the apartment of every second schoolgirl.

And to this song, many of you came off at discos.

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