Andreas Singer is still on the road in ultra endurance sports

Ötztal cycle marathon finish in 12: 13.10.6 hours – Andreas Singer from Röttingen is once again participating in the Ötztal cycle marathon in 2021 on his Zambia donation campaign ?? 25cent ?? attentive. Here the Singer school is supporting a breakfast project that provides the 400 children with a hot breakfast every school day.

If you look back on the past years and the approach you will find from the former Röttinger and Eibelstädter 3rd division volleyball player and later Bundesliga coach, an illustrious list of ultra-endurance events that is far from over. According to a press release, it is astonishing that he hung up his volleyball shoes only six years ago and gave up all coaching positions and offers to “take care of himself”, Singer explains his motivation.

Ultra endurance events and special preparation for them?

At the beginning, however, there was regular training, which he imposed on himself and regularly increasing in all known endurance disciplines and completed steadily and constantly in a disciplined manner in the respective phases of the year. Not according to your mood, but in detail and according to a “plan and numbers”.

Singer finished the finish line three times at the long distance triathlons in Roth and once in Regensburg. In contrast to the hot summer temperatures, Singer completed skiathlons and mountain marathons in winter. Five running marathons were on the agenda, several cycling marathons well over the limit of 200 kilometers as well as spontaneous participation in a 24-hour swim.

In the non-competitive, pandemic-related period of 2021 with all competition cancellations, Andreas Singer decided after an excursion with his friend to spontaneously see whether one could do an? Everesting ?? without long-term preparation and thinking. (once the height of Mount Everest, always on one and the same ascent up and down, until you have reached 8848 heights) can be mastered.

Surprising confirmation of registration for the Ötztal Cycle Marathon

This spontaneous goal was also reached after 15 hours last year and Singer collected a four-digit amount for his aid to Zambia. This flowed completely into the sponsored school project that was started in 2018.

He also supported a cycling fanatic when the one at the Würzburger Frankenwarte had a touch of the Ötztal Alps with its three steep climbs. Steep “Franconian ramps” were on the program for the whole day and he had completed this project of 5000 meters in altitude after 7.5 hours. The donations went to “no limits” in Würzburg, a sports foundation to strengthen inclusive sport.

Then unexpectedly in the spring an e-mail came with a confirmation of registration for the Ötztal Cycle Marathon and Andreas Singer initially believed it was a mistake, because ?? I did not register this year, even forgot because it had never worked with me a drawn place ??. His registration from last year was pushed into the lottery pot for 2021.

Preparation over the Spessart Hills had to be enough

A day later the registration was fixed and a room was booked quickly. In conversations with his innkeeper, he learned a lot about the route first hand. Singer had driven the passes himself at least once. Mostly only one a day, on vacation, to see what it looks like up there.

The simple preparation of the Spessart Hills near his home in Wertheim had to be sufficient this year. Over 10,000 kilometers of training and 110,000 meters in altitude were collected in eight months, when virtual training communities started with his five cycling friends on an online training platform for roller training.

There were fixed training times during the week and on the weekend. “We did our tough interval training sessions together, but each one in lockdown in his own apartment,” says Singer. All of this is just one of the bases for the Ötztal, also known as the world championship for men and women.

You learn to listen to your body well

The race took place under extremely difficult conditions this year. Weather changes with rain, snow and cold made life difficult for the participants even in the days before the race. The fact that the route was lengthened by kilometers and meters in altitude due to a rock fall had already been suppressed as a minor matter in view of the weather forecast, “although it was the hot topic the week before that Monday,” reports Singer.

In the end, after a driving time of 12: 13.10.6 hours, the Ötztal motto also applied to Singer: “There you have your dream” ?? Every mountain in the easiest gear, for which I had only needed a maximum of ten minutes at home this year. On such a long day you learn not only to speak and command with your body, but also to listen humbly and give in. you definitely feel every fiber and not just in your legs. By constantly pulling on the handlebars, I could have done even more rowing and pull-ups when it comes to the sore muscles.

Relaxed finish descent from Timmelsjoch to Sölden

Singer has already experienced this importance during his mountain marathon in Switzerland, because he does not want to be wrapped in rescue foil. That is why Andreas Singer took the thickest and densest rain jacket available, as well as neoprene gloves, in his own rucksack, so that the clothes were immediately available. “I really had a relaxed finish descent from Timmelsjoch to Sölden and literally enjoyed this part of the completely closed roads and it didn’t matter that the pouring rain was pounding in the face with icy rain. In Sölden the atmosphere was extremely great at the roadside. That is an experience that lasts. “

On his return trip, Andreas Singer spontaneously registered for the triathlon in Kirchbichl / Austria a week later, without running or swimming training. He started at the Tyrolean Championships ?? only ?? in the sprint distance (750 meters swimming, 18 kilometers cycling, five kilometers run), but at least it was about qualifying for the European Championships in Munich in 2022 ?? So a few wanted to win, ?? said Singer and is still happy about the bronze medal that he just missed out on with fourth place.

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