Andrea was to experience hell before she died. Police found her remains in an acid barrel

Slovak Andrea Vlčeková, the mother of two little boys, disappeared more than five years ago. Police had previously accused a pair of men of her disappearance, but her body was never found. According to information from Markíza TV, the turning point has now come. Criminal investigators were to find a barrel of acid in her ex-husband’s house, which contained Andrea’s remains.

Five years ago, Andrea disappeared in front of the kindergarten in Hlohovec near Trnava, where she took one of her sons. Slovak kforensic scientists searched for the remains of women for five long years. Apparently they were all the time in the house in Velké Ripňany, where Andrein’s ex-husband Miroslav Vlček lived.

According to information from Markíza television, at the moment when the criminal started searching the house for another crime, Miroslav Vlček began to behave nervously. The police noticed this and then they had to find a large plastic barrel under the stairs. Its contents were immediately sent for analysis.

The samples taken showed traces of acid and any findings were to indicate that Andrey’s body had been dissolved in the barrel. Her ex-husband had to throw her in the barrel, they inform

The barrel with the remains was found by criminal investigators in the building, where a pair of kidnappers composed of Vojtěch Olé and Mladen Despotovski were to hand over the woman to the person ordering the kidnapping, ie Vlček. He was to threaten revenge on her, allegedly beating her with an iron rod and a chain for testifying against him in court. He was charged with several crimes.

Vojtěch Olé had previously confessed to the abduction. The court found him guilty, for which he was given six years and eight months. Mladen Despotovski is serving a sentence for another crime. Miroslav Vlček was sentenced by the court to 12 years in prison.

Police have been investigating the barrel since June. They had parts of teeth, jewelry and hair in them. Andrea’s dentist has also reportedly identified her teeth.

Andrea Vlčeková disappeared five years ago, now comes the terrible news:


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