an update allows to increase the RAM thanks to the internal storage

Samsung is rolling out an update for the Galaxy A52s. This includes a new feature called RAM Plus. It increases the amount of available RAM by relying on internal storage. The Galaxy A52s is Samsung’s first smartphone to feature RAM Plus. But the functionality already exists with other manufacturers.

You certainly know the principle of RAM virtual. It is common on computers (especially laptops), whether under Windows or macOS. It is gradually arriving in smartphones. And it serves to “artificially increase the RAM” by using the internal storage space. Xiaomi has added it to several models. Realme and Huawei also offer this function on certain models.

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What is it for ? First of all, a little reminder. RAM is a temporary storage volume with very high bandwidth. It is used to store files, especially applications, which the system needs very quickly. The larger it is, the more the system supports heavy applications. The games in particular are very greedy in RAM. This is also the case for multitasking modes.

Samsung unlocks virtual RAM in the Galaxy A52s

The big problem with smartphone RAM is that it is not expandable. Virtual RAM therefore partly solves the problem. It allows the RAM to be extended, although this has two drawbacks. First, it reduces the available storage space. Then this virtual RAM is slower than real RAM. But, that makes undeniable services. And it is for this reason that the function arrives in the interfaces of more and more manufacturers … dont Samsung.

The SamMobile site indeed reports the arrival of an update in the Galaxy A52s that we presented to you at the end of August. It is numbered A528BXXU1AUH9. And according to the few screenshots that accompany the information, it serves two purposes. And the most important is RAM plus. This is the name of the RAM expansion feature at Samsung. The Galaxy A52s is the first to benefit from RAM Plus (with 4 GB of virtual RAM, bringing to 10 GB of RAM in total). And we believe that it will gradually arrive in other terminals.

The update, deployed in India, also brings improved optical stabilizer of the main sensor and fixes some bugs. The security patch that is integrated there is that of August 2021. It does not seem to us that this is new. The installation file weighs approximately 250MB. Remember that the Galaxy A52s has been on sale in France for only a few days.

Source : SamMobile

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