An outbreak of avian influenza in the Ardennes

The noose had been tightening for a few days, with the recent homes detected in Belgium and at Luxembourg close to the border with France. THE’avian influenza highly pathogenic (IAHP) is back in France, with a private owner of poultry in the Ardennes.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, this breeding is composed of ducks, hens, turkeys, pigeons. “All the animals were euthanized September 8, in advance, to prevent the spread of the virus, and protection and surveillance zones were immediately set up around the outbreak, ”indicates the rue de Varenne.

“Runaway of the dynamics of infection”

Considering “the runaway dynamics of infection ofepizootic and the possibility of disseminating these virus by the Migrator birds passing through French territory ”, the Ministry of Agriculture decided, by a decree published this Friday, September 10, to raise the level of risk from “negligible” to “moderate” throughout France.

Rue de Varenne considers it necessary to “take urgent and immediate preventive measures to protect poultry farms French potential contamination by the avian influenza virus ”. Fears turn to wildlife, especially in “areas at particular risk (ZRP) or departments crossed by migration corridors ».

Compulsory preventive measures

From this Friday, September 10, in the municipalities located in ZRP (1), preventive measures are made mandatory:

Shelter poultry;

• Ban on gathering birds;

• Prohibition to involve birds originating from ZRP in gatherings organized in the rest of the territory;

• Limited permissions from transports and introduction into the natural environment of game birds and the use ofcallers ;

• Prohibition of racing pigeon competitions;

Vaccination compulsory in zoos for birds that cannot be confined or protected under netting

Free status preserved

In addition, the appearance of the H5N8 virus in France in this particular breeding does not call into question the status unharmed of France vis-à-vis the IAHP, indicated the rue de Varenne. It was recovered on September 2, in accordance with the standards of the World Organization for Animal Health (goose).

In this context, Julien Denormandie, Minister of Agriculture, calls for “strict compliance with biosecurity measures and at the surveillance increased on the part of professional actors, individuals who keep birds and hunters. “. He also considers that the “rapid and complete” implementation of the roadmap signed on July 8 between the State and professionals is “essential” to “avoid a new epizootic. “

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