An official in KhMAO who posted a candid video from the “pink office” was reprimanded

An official in KhMAO who posted a candid video from the “pink office” was reprimanded

The official of the capital construction department of Pyt-Yakh (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug), Ekaterina Smirnova, who published a candid video from her office on the Internet, received a reprimand, said the head of the city, Alexander Morozov.


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“To the deputy head of the department for the preparation and maintenance of design and estimate documentation of the MCU “UKS Pyt-Yakha” Ekaterina Smirnova, a disciplinary sanction was applied in the form of a reprimand for non-compliance with the Code of Ethics and Service Conduct, – clarified Morozov in a post on VKontakte.

Previously RIA Novosti reported that Smirnova published a video on social networks in which she drank coffee, spun in an armchair and stroked herself. In addition, she was dressed in a bright skirt with a deep neckline and a short top. She added the caption to the video that “in her pink office”, as the head of the department, she is preparing documentation and counting the repair of roads and traffic lights.

It is noted that the video was deleted, and a preventive conversation was held with the employee.

Earlier it was reported that French President Emmanuel Macron dismissed French Secretary of State for Solidarity and Social Economy and Public Life Marlene Chiappa, who in the spring starred in a candid photo shoot and gave an interview for Playboy magazine.

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