An intact WWII bunker discovered in Knokke-Heist (PHOTOS)

Sacred discovery in Knokke-Heist this Thursday. While digging with their machines during work for an underground car park near the Rubensplein, workers came across a 500 cubic meter bunker. Entire and intact, it dates from the Second World War, explain our colleagues from the VRT. An unexpected discovery, because no one in the town was aware of the presence of this construction, buried for a long time.

But this is not surprising, given that the region has other vestiges of the war. “There was no indication on the aerial photos, but of course we can still find WWII structures in this coastal area,” explained Sofie Vanhoutte, member of the Flemish organization Onroerend Erfgoed. Unfortunately, she also confirmed that the bunker was going to be completely destroyed, as the works of the commune cannot be delayed. Sofie Vanhoutte and her organization therefore take as much evidence as possible of the presence of this bunker to keep track of it before it is demolished.

In Middelkerke, a bunker dating from the Second World War had also been discovered near the beach, during work for the construction of the new casino.

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