An exhibition reminds of the old cinemas of Almuñécar

An exhibition in El Majuelo, parallel to the First European Film Festival of Almuñecar, recalls the old sexitan cinemas while illustrating the tribute with films shot in Almuñécar during the fifties and sixties.

In this first sample of Almuñécar es de Cine, it is essential to remember the cinemas, the haunted houses, with which many generations of sexitans dreamed of comedies, melodramas, possible and impossible loves. Cinema was the escape from lives trapped in the grayness of everyday life, in the thick of the silences or the corners that lurked.

This exhibition pays tribute to all those rooms that some, from silent films, such as the mythical Cine Coliseo, were a factory of dreams.

The already named Coliseo Cinema (today the Coliseo building), the Pasapoga Cinema (next to the well-known Plaza de la Rosa), the Bikini Cinema (today Bikini Street), The Galiardo Cinema (on Europa Avenue) or the Calabacino Cinema on the site that today occupies the Municipal Market) were the Cinema Paradiso of childhood and adolescence of many of us with their kisses stolen from the censored image, but not from the darkness of the room where the hands fluttered.

But it is also that Almuñécar was a film set and thus Juan Lucero’s Bride, with the unparalleled Juana Reina or The Frontier of Terror that brought together Martine Carol, the ruddy Van Johnson and a young and unknown Sean Connery in long nights of the Hotel Sexi. Then would come Next Fall, which brought together from Antón Eceiza in the direction of Sonia Bruno in the interpretation and Querejeta in the production. Men prefer them, widows walked along the coastal streets of the town to María Maho and the teacher Narciso Ibáñez Serrador came to ask us, Who can kill a child?

Both the texts and the photographs are by the sexitano Javier Celorrio who complements the exhibition with photos inspired by film titles from the History of Cinema.

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