An employee of a funeral agency has been detained for the 7 bodies found near Sofia, he is accused of fraud

Police car Photo: Archive

An employee of a funeral agency in the capital has been detained in connection with the found bodies of elderly men and women near Sofia, the Ministry of Interior announced. The man is 51 years old. The bodies were found in a wooded area, near a cemetery near a metropolitan area, he said.

The illegally buried people died in various hospices in the capital. The agent offered cremation to their relatives and took money for the service, but instead buried them in the woods.

The case has been under investigation for several days.

Forensic scientists are working on the version that after his death people should have been cremated, but this did not happen.

The bodies were found near Bankya, on the road to Klisura. The Sofia District Prosecutor’s Office is expected to provide more information on the case later today.

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