An arsenal of weapons in Calabria seized, two people arrested

An arsenal of weapons in Calabria seized, two people arrested

The Carabinieri of the Fabrizia Station, the Hunters Squad and the Anti-Bomb Squad of the Catanzaro Provincial Command, as part of the ongoing activity coordinated by the Vibo valentia Republic Prosecutor’s Office, headed by Prosecutor Camillo Falvo, with the aim of combat the illegal circulation of weapons and steal them from criminal organizations operating in the area, they intervened in a farm in the interior of Fabrizia where, after the initial discovery of 8 pyrotechnic sticks, with high explosive potential, probably handmade and of a prohibited type, they spread the search in the surrounding areas recovering a total of 7 cal rifles. 12 and 3 pistols in cal.9, 22 and 6.35 as well as various ammunition cal. 12 for shotgun and cal. 22 for pistol. However, the most interesting finding is undoubtedly that of a bag containing 127 cartridges in lime. 7.62×39 suitable for feeding the famous AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle, widespread in criminal circles due to the relative ease with which, at least in the past, after the fall of the Soviet bloc, it could be found in the black market. Investigators are conducting in-depth investigations to determine the origin of the weapons and their possible use in criminal incidents. The alleged perpetrators of the arrest, father and son, by order of the Public Ministry, which coordinated the entire operation, after their arrest they were transferred to the Vibo Valentia prison awaiting the guarantee interrogation.

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2023-05-06 11:00:27

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