An arrest turns out badly in Molenbeek: three police officers injured, the mayor goes to the bedside of an agent

A witness informed us of the presence of injured police officers on the Chaussée de Gand, in Molenbeek. An individual allegedly attacked officers during a police check. “I drove by and saw the police trying to stop a young man, tells a local woman by phone after having written to us via the orange button Alert us. I parked, I came back and there, I noticed that the two policemen were on the ground, injured. The man had fled on foot, leaving his car there. Everyone rushed to the police to help them “, explains this resident of the neighborhood.

Information taken from the office of the mayor, Catherine Moureaux, a police arrest has indeed gone wrong in Molenbeek. “While our police were trying to stop a person on the public highway, this individual resisted and attacked the police with a jack, explains Rachid Barghouti, spokesperson for Catherine Moureaux, mayor. In all, three police officers were injured. One was slightly injured in the knee, another slightly in the hand and a third hit his head while falling and suffered a concussion “.

The policewoman with a head injury was taken to hospital. Burgomaster Catherine Moureaux goes to his bedside. “The policewoman woke up and her condition is stable “, said the spokesperson.

The individual, who tried to flee, was arrested by the police. His car was searched by the police. Police are not releasing information on the suspect’s profile at this time.

The security perimeter established earlier was lifted around 12:15 p.m.

More information in a few moments.

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