an app to measure surrounding noise levels

Via a smartphone application, the inhabitants of Rezé can help to map everyday sounds, city noises but also birdsong. The operation lasts until the summer of 2022.

The operation called SonoRezé is developed in partnership with Gustave Eiffel University in Bouguenais. The objective is to measure noise levels and noise pollution in the town of Rezé.

To participate in the project, the inhabitants of Rezé can download the app NoiseCapture on their smartphone, exclusively android, and then record the sounds of their daily life, traffic, work, birds, cries of children.

The data collected will make it possible to make a diagnosis and map the sound environments of the city.

“In Rezé, there is a great diversity of sound situations, air traffic, road traffic, industrial noise, leisure noise but also situations of calm and tranquility”, explains Claire Guiu, deputy mayor, in charge of theconservation, landscapes and ecology.

This application, proposed by the researchers, really allows a large number of field measurements and an overall cartography of the city.

“The measurements are georeferenced, explains Arnaud Can, researcher at Gustave Eiffel University and director of the SonoRezé project. The noise map is updated live and can be viewed on the internet. “

Noise pollution, particularly caused by transport, is often synonymous with inconvenience for residents. It can also have repercussions on health.

“According to the WHO, we have over a million years of healthy life lost across Europe every year. This is notable and comes at a significant cost to society.”, emphasizes Arnaud Can.

The residents of Rezé have until this summer to send in their recordings and help researchers better understand the sounds of the city.

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