An angry woman assaults an Emirates airline employee – video

Screenshot from a video of a woman assaulting an Emirates airline employee

A woman physically assaulted an Emirates airline employee at Mexico City International Airport, after she was late for her flight, according to several news sites.

And a video spread on social media, of the woman in a fit of anger, attacking an Emirates airline employee, before destroying some parts of the passenger registration desk on the flight.

In the video, the woman is shown climbing into the office and yelling at other passengers at the airport who tried to calm her down.

Meanwhile, Soa hears an Emirates airline employee screaming for security to help and bring the situation under control.

And the newspaper “The Independent” quoted “Emirates Airlines” that the woman arrived very late, and also tried to use an expired passport for her travel.

The company indicated that the incident occurred on the first of November at Mexico City International Airport, where “the travel of the client, who became difficult to handle, was refused and physically assaulted the employee, which led to the need for airport security to intervene.”

Fox News said that after the woman descended from the passenger check-in counter, she was detained by airport security guards.

The newspaper “The Independent” that the police then intervened, but it is not known if the woman is still in police custody or not.

Here is the video on our website:


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