An actor who was in Marvel would return in this role

Anson Mount, remembered for starring in Marvel’s Inhumans, could once again play a superhero. This has advanced the actor.

Repeating within the same cinematographic universe is neither easy nor common. However, the needs have led to this situation having occurred more than once. Artists like Chris Evans O Ben Affleck they played more than one superhero, for example. This same factor could occur with Anson Mount, who starred in the series Inhumans, from Marvel and Sony.

The actor took the place of the leader Black Bolt in said production. However, his experience was not the best. The show was not well criticized and is not well remembered by most, so you would think that it would not want to return to the skin of a super human. Still, the celebrity confessed that he would and only in a specific role. These were his statements:

«If you give me my choice of Marvel characters, I think Black Bolt would have been number two, second only to Gambit. Gambit is just one of the coolest characters in the Marvel universe and I’m obviously partial to him because he’s the southern superhero.He’s definitely not one of the most powerful characters if you put them across from each other. [risas].

But his ingenuity and his ability to overcome such a dark past and then come the distant future that Marvel has made with him in terms of the scope of his possible futures, is simply amazing. I think it’s really rich territory and even if it’s not with me, I hope Marvel does something with Gambit. Now, I’m probably too old, so, you know, there are some people who have been calling for Reed Richards, But I do not know. My dance card is a bit full right now and so is theirs“, he claimed.

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