Amy Correa Bell – The Let Go (official music video) Producer: 100Million

Amy Correa Bell – The Let Go (official music video) Producer: 100Million SPOTIFY: Order …


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  1. I love ur voice but u sound better doing Ballads cuz u can actually hear u more then the music. Dont let the music industry tell u anythang different ight? When i here u sing ballads its like im listening to my favorite SELENA song que creias because when u hear her sing that song u can tell its from the heart all day. N ur ballads with ur hubby sounds just like that. I pray n hope yall make some music this year cuz i miss ur sweet soothing voice Amy Correa Bell. When yall sing together it sounds like what magic should look like. Amy i wanna hear u do more slow heart felt songs n have u n ur hubby do a collab like how Justin Bieber and Arianna Grande song STUCK WITH U. plz yall gotta make a song together like that ight?

  2. "Love the video and this is a song that everyone should add to their playlists.. Keep doing your thing by making great music!!" – because of the re-upload.. my comment from yesterday ????

  3. Here for the re-upload To tell you how gorgeous your 50's look in this video is! ???? Dope song, visuals and beautiful voice too….Don't mind me yaw'll…..I'm just gone off Amy….????????????????

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