American teachers in Sichuan colleges and universities: I cross the earth to help you rise up in China, do you treat me like this? | Blog Post

Earlier, when Emily Jane O’Dell, an American teacher in Sichuan, was traveling from Chengdu to the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, she was dissatisfied with the local epidemic prevention policy and posted a number of posts on Twitter for help saying that she Being “kidnapped” by Chinese government personnel, he also said, “I think the United States should probably tie up all Chinese and Chinese in the United States… After all, the new crown virus comes from Wuhan.”

Emily is an assistant professor at Pittsburgh College of Sichuan University.

Emily is an assistant professor at Pittsburgh College of Sichuan University.

This American teacher’s remarks quickly aroused heated discussion among netizens, and everyone found that her resume is actually quite rich: Emily is an assistant professor at Sichuan University’s Pittsburgh College, engaged in the study of Egypt and ancient West Asia. She has a PhD in Literature from Brown University and a master’s degree in Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian Studies from Columbia University.

Emily has a rich resume.

Emily has a rich resume.

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