American Booster Shot Pfizer Vaccine Departure?…After Moderna/Johnson & Johnson Review

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[농업경제신문 임해정 기자] In the United States, the 100 million booster shot was planned from the 20th, but it took time to review the approval data of vaccines other than Pfizer, so the third dose was started only with Pfizer.

According to Reuters, President Joe Biden planned to launch a booster shot for 100 million people on the 20th, but U.S. vaccine makers, except for Pfizer, were lagging behind in seeking approval for booster shots, according to Reuters.

Moderna completed the submission of data for approval of the booster shot on the 3rd.

An expert panel that provides vaccine-related advice to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will hold a meeting on the 17th to discuss Pfizer’s booster dose.

Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Biden, told MSNBC on the 3rd that the information needed for Moderna would not be available for a 20th launch.

He explained that the timing could be delayed by several weeks. Johnson & Johnson said it did not request approval for BoosterShot and was discussing the matter with the FDA last week.

The New York Times reports that officials have suggested that the White House cut back on booster shots later this month.

“We are awaiting full review and approval from FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advisors,” White House press secretary Chris Meeger said.

“Once the approval and recommendations are made, we are ready to implement the plan developed by the best doctors in the country to overcome this virus.”

Ultimately, the US booster dose plan will depend on the FDA determining that a third dose of the two-dose vaccine is safe and effective and on the favorable recommendation of a CDC advisor.

The reason why the third dose of Pfizer vaccine is rushing in the US is because the booster shot in Israel is having an effect.

Israel is one of the reasons why there is so much interest in vaccination and booster shots in the US. This is because the preventive effect was found to be 86% in the 3rd vaccination conducted by Israel.

In Korea, Pfizer-related stocks include KPX Life Sciences, Woori Bio, Jeil Pharm, Shinpoong Pharm, and Celltrion.

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines. In response, messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) related stocks Aminologics, Samyang Holdings, Olipass, Nyvec, ST Pharm, Hanmi Science, Hanmi Pharm, Jinwon Life Sciences, Cellumed, Green Cross, Olyx, Pharmicell, Leeyeon Pharm, Engchem Life Sciences , Seorin Bio, and Ijin are also of interest.

Unlike conventional vaccines that directly inject viral proteins into the body, mRNA vaccines teach cells how to produce proteins or proteins that induce the body’s immune response to induce them to form antibodies against specific viruses when exposed to them.

So far, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Sputnik V vaccines are the main vaccines for COVID-19. Next, Novavax vaccine and Nanogen’s Corona 19 vaccine ‘NanocoVax’ are following.

Novavax vaccine showed more than 90% efficacy and Nanocovax showed 96.5% preventive effect. Approval of this vaccine is expected to be decided at the end of this month.

HLB announced on the 18th that it had acquired the global rights of Nanogen’s COVID-19 vaccine, Nanocovax. Next Science, HLB, HLB Life Science, HLB Pharmaceutical, and HLB Power are mentioned as nanogen-related stocks.

Among the pharmaceutical and bio stocks on the 3rd, Lee Yeon Pharm, Aminologics, Prestige Biologics, Prestige Biopharma, HLB Life Science, Kukjeon Pharm, SK Bioscience, Bukwang Pharm, Crystal Genomics, NK Max, KodiM, KH Phillux, Bioneer, Kukjeon Pharm, BNC Korea, S-Mac, and Bioreaders recorded more than 1 million transactions.

Bukwang Pharm, Shinpoong Pharm, Jinwon Life Sciences, Humasys, Seegene, Bioneer, ABprobio, Humedix, Chemon, Jo-A Pharm, Labgenomics, KodiM, and NKmax were listed in the top trading volume.

[알림] This article is for investment judgment reference only, and we are not responsible for any investment loss based on it.

By Lim Hae-jeong, staff reporter [email protected]


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