“America is the most dangerous country in the world”

You will readily present yourself as an “observer of the wrath of American politics.” Why do you need this?

“It’s true, I am angry with myself. But I don’t spend my life angry either. I have so much fun, I laugh, I party. People are me Contrary to the label I put on, let’s say I am not an angry professional. My anger pushes me to make a film, it’s not negative, but I am targeted. It’s difficult because it is. “”

What is your position as a dedicated political filmmaker?

“I have crossed many borders and I am not at all in the trend. No matter. For a while I was a hero section , My film on Vietnam. But now everything can change quickly sometimes. “”

Do you care about your independence?

“As you know, after the terrorist attacks of 2001, the United States was increasingly defensive and very sensitive to criticism. I…

“America is the most dangerous country in the world”

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