Ambulance Puzzle Allegedly Stone Supplier Trying to Hit Police


The demonstration on Tuesday, October 13, left a question mark about its existence ambulance who almost hit the police. What’s wrong?

As is well known, the demonstration that took place on Tuesday was initially followed by a crowd from PA 212 et al. However, just before evening, a mass of teenagers suddenly appeared who provoked the officers and finally they were forcibly dispersed by shooting tear gas.

The mass, which was initially concentrated in the Horse Statue Roundabout area, spread towards Senen and Cideng. The police went after the chaotic crowd.

The mass action heated up, especially in the Cideng area, but the police quickly put it down. The crowd threw firecrackers at the police, who then responded with tear gas shots.

But apparently there was an incident that spread on social media. The incident was recorded on a video camera which then went viral.

Polda Metro Jaya through the Head of Public Relations (Head of Public Relations) Kombes Yusri Yunus confirmed the incident. What’s the story?

“We all know that there is a viral on social media, an ambulance was chased by officers when there was a demonstration in Menteng. I explained that it was true that at that time there were three series. First, there was a series of motorbikes, then an ambulance and another ambulance. , “said Yusri to reporters at the Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters, Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta, Wednesday (14/10/2020).

Officers raided the ambulance series. According to Yusri, there were reports about a number of individuals who tried to take advantage of the situation amidst the conditions of the demonstration.


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