Ambitious: “Heimmacht” Thörl wants to rake in the cash in spring – Styrian football – results, tables and goal scorers from all STMK leagues.

For 137 days, the round leather rests in most of the lower Styrian leagues. From the top of the table in the lower league North A laughs after the autumn round ESV Sparkasse Mürzzuschlag. This confirms the form of the last half-finished seasons. It is followed by the 5-point deficit SV Thörl. With a respectful distance are then the SV Stainach-Grimming, the SV Seerestaurant Lassing or the SC “1960” Team Styria RB Pernegg, the other pursuers. Which means the drop is far from sucked. There seems to be a tough fight in the spring, at least for the possible relegation place, to be on the agenda. Ligaportal Steiermark is exploring the current situation in green and white amateur football. The sports director of the Thörler, Marcell Schönbeck, faces the 11 revised questions:

Liga portal: How do you rate the autumn season?

Marcell Schönbeck: “We are generally satisfied with the autumn run.”

League portal: Where are the strengths to be found or where should the leverage be applied?

Marcell Schönbeck: “Our strengths are above all the home games. We’ve won every home game this season. Now it’s time to focus on away and win everything here too.”

League portal: Are there transfer movements or exits or additions?

Marcell Schönbeck: “Michael Wöls and Dominik Perl will move to SV Turnau on loan to gain match practice. Julian Stabelhofer is leaving us for SV Stanz. Elias Reiter is new to the squad this spring. “

League portal: At which position is there a need for action?

Marcell Schönbeck: “We are very happy with our squad.”

League portal: Are there injured players?

Marcell Schönbeck: “All the players are fit and motivated at the moment.”


At SV Thörl, there are still chances to get actively involved in the title fight.

League portal: When is/was the start of outdoor training?

Marcell Schönbeck: “Training started on January 31, 2022. But before that, every player has to complete a home program.”

League portal: What goals have you set for the second half of the season?

Marcell Schönbeck: “We want to go on the offensive in the spring and ideally we want to win all the games. The team is capable of this goal!”

League portal: It is to be expected that a possible spring season can only be held under a 2G regulation. How is the vaccination readiness in the team?

Marcell Schönbeck: “Fortunately, all the players at SV Thörl have been vaccinated or have recovered. So there won’t be any problems for us.”

League portal: Who are the master candidates?

Marcell Schönbeck: “Of course ESV Mürzzuschlag and we SV Thörl. We will make it as difficult as possible for the leaders of the table.”

League portal: A look at the ÖFB team: Can you make the playoff games or are you at the Winter World Cup in Qatar?

Marcell Schönbeck: “I’m always in a positive mood. That’s why the ÖFB team will be at the World Cup in Qatar.”

League portal: Finally: Which star coach or player would fit well into your team? 😉

Marcell Schönbeck: “There are quite a few “stars” in our team. That’s why I’m very happy with our team.”

Photo: SV Thörl

© Robert Tafeit


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